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When choosing an integrative health professional, it’s not about one individual but the team. Collectively, the Premier Integrative Health team has over 50 years of experience treating chronic pain. Our professional team includes 10 combined years practicing regenerative medicine giving our clients non-surgical options to get back to the life and activities they desire!

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I tried the PRP injection in both knees... this therapy is amazing!

I trained and ran over 20 Spartan races from 2016-2018 and wore my knees out to the point it was painful to run more than a couple of miles. I took a year off of training to heal my body and then got back to testing out my knees again and the pain was still there.

I tried the PRP injection in both knees and after strategically working in intense trainin sessions I can feel an amazing improvement. I no longer feel pain when I run over a few miles or while I do elevation training. This therapy is amazing!

Keith DeMent Spartan Athlete
My shoulders and knees feel like they did when I was 18!

I've always been active. From playing sports at a competitive level, joining the United States Marine Corps and now competing in CrossFit. Sometimes, being active brings normal aches and pains, age always brings aches and pains. Once I hit my 30's I noticed minor tweaks in my shoulders and knees that would nag me, not to mention I was diagnosed with gout.

After seeing the professionals at Premier Integrative Health, my gout flare-ups have reduced to almost nothing and my shoulders and knees feel like they did when I was 18. PIH gave me the opportunity to continue my life, regardless of what activity comes my way.

Zack WhittCrossFit Coach

Learn More About Injuries and
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

What is the basic science behind tendon and ligament injuries?

Tendons and ligaments are made up of fibers of collagen. When these fibers are stretched or torn we may refer to the injury as a “pull”, “tear”, “sprain” (ligament) or “strain” (tendon). These structures are vascular which means there are blood vessels in them. Thus, when they are injured they bleed. If there is enough bleeding we may notice bruising around the area of injury. Blood flow to the area increases to aid in healing. The blood carries platelets and growth factors that allow for healing of the tissue by creating new collagen fibers. These new fibers need to be constructed in an organized, layered fashion to heal correctly and allow the ligament or tendon to regain its proper strength and flexibility.

Why do these types of injuries not always heal fully?

When these injuries don’t heal patients often become frustrated. Patients may try anti-inflammatories and other pain medications, topical creams and gels, braces, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and cortisone injections but nothing seems to work. That’s because these therapies may try to treat pain and inflammation but they don’t treat the underlying problem of scar tissue, disordered fibers and poor angiogenesis (blood flow). The result is many patients may give up and live with pain and disability or may end up with surgery.

What is a PRP treatment?

In PRP treatment the patient’s own blood is taken with a simple blood draw. Using a special centrifuge machine this blood is spun down to separate out and concentrate the platelets and growth factors that are essential for tissue healing. This small amount of fluid with concentrated platelets and growth factors is called platelet rich plasma (PRP). Nothing else is added to the patient’s own blood products so there is no risk of allergy, reaction or rejection. PRP therapy is a purely natural process using the body’s own healing factors.

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